Saturday, July 4, 2015

White flowers

 A romantic black and white look today. Love to wear romantic looks like this to special events like a dinner with my boyfriend or a festive holiday lunch. This skirt is so romantic that i can wear it with everything and still look chic. It's from Chic Wish and is on sale now, so hurry up and buy one here for those special summer nights ahead. The long cardigan is from SheInside and it finishes the look, you can find it here. 

Friday, July 3, 2015


With my baby loves today! First time i saw this shirt from She In (you can find the shirt here) i've fell in love because i really wanted to take some photos with my frenchies, although the boy (on the right) wasn't very cooperative :) i was laughing so hard because he decided to stay staring at one point and didn't even heard us calling him and is kinda bitchy and his face on the photo number 6 is his evil face hahaha. Well i love my babies so so so much! They make me so happy everyday, they keep me laughing all the time.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hi! Decided to rough things up and post a grungier look today! Love this shirt so so so much, because is so versatile i can use it as a shirt with a pair of ripped shorts and a crop top underneath or even with jeans is a colder day, or i can just button it up all the way to the bottom and it's a dress, wore it twice already with shorts and once as a dress, and my boyfriend stole it from me to wear with shorts and jeans and he look gorgeous with black jeans, this shirt and a pair of docs so i don't mind the stealing :) We changed parts and now is him the one who is stealing my shirts :) Really like the two different patterns in the shirt, stripes on the inside, as you can see in the rolled sleeves,  and check on the outside. Well the shirt is from Young Hungry Free and you can find it here. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer stripes

 Love to wear this Style Moi bikini top as  regular top! And love even more to wear it as a bikini, because i just need a pair of shorts because the top is so pretty and doesn't look like a bikini and there is no need to add a shirt over it. Love to match it with my high waisted bikini bottoms, will show you that later. You can find the top here. The skirt is also from Style Moi, and you know my addiction for midi skirts, this one is just so cute, love the zip detail and the length is great. You can find it here. Hope you like this look. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All black

All black will always be my fav thing! Backless dresses are my latest addiction, have them in red, stripes, sequins and black! They are a mix of comfortable and chic. This one is from Genuine People and you can find it here. Have a few leather biker jackets, but really love this one from New Yorker because is more elegant and chic than my other ones and much more fresh, so it's ideal to wear in fresh summer days or nights. I Can't believe the weather difference between Porto and Pinhão (were i spend my weekends) here in Porto is actually kind of cold there (in Pinhão) it's always 40ºC minimum and i can't leave the house during the day. And when i go out at night i wear dresses like this till 2 pm without any jacket, well here i wear this outfit with the jacket during the day.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lace and pastel blue

This has to be my favorite top of all time! When i nee a elegant black top i always choose this one! It's from Style Moi and you can find it here. This amazing skirt makes me feel like Cinderella, every time i wear a floaty pastel skirt i always remember Cinderella, this one is so gorgeous, love so much the length, because i'm always looking for below the knee skirts but somehow i just find knee length or a little above the knee ones, so this one just has the perfect length for me and the color is one of my favorites, it's from Chic Wish and you can find it here. This shoes were DIY by me, those were a completely plain almond toe pair of heels but i added the lace, i just wanted a pair of lace up hells and in 5 min i had one! so easy, just pierced the shoes with a belt piercing thing (haha have no idea what to call that little metal instrument to pierce belts) and add a long pair of laces. 

Want to show you this flat iron from Irresistible Me for such a long time! Well i thought i had a good flat iron before, but i was completely mistaken! First time i put my hands in this beauty i was amazed! It literally goes from 0 to 230 degrees in under 20 seconds (usually it takes under 10 seconds) it slips throw my hair so quickly and in one passage i can make my hair completely straight or make the cutest curls, i actually use flat irons to make my sort of messy waves/curls, just how i show you in the previous pics, i make a pony tail and grab little pieces of hair to make the curls. If i want messier curls i grab more hair if i want more tight ones i grab just a few. You can find this Iron here, i'm completely in love, is by far the best iron i've ever tried!