Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gingham check

How i love gingham check!! Is one of my fav prints, waited for this shirt three months, finally arrived and the weather flip around and it summer hot right now, so it's perfect to wear it. The shirt is from YoungHungryFree, check their page and you will find amazing things really, i'm in love with their checked shirts, checked dresses, fluffy cardigans and suspender pants, the fall/winter collection is just great. I have this bag for ages and i find it this past week in the bottom of my closet and i was so happy to see it, fell in love with it again and i wanted to add some color to this black and white outfit, the brown bag was perf for that and the burgundy ribbon on my hair helped on that too. Hope you like this look. Just a quick post (because i really wanted to show you guys my shirt) 'cause now i have to go to sleep because it late already and tomorrow i have classes :(

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hey there :) I have this blazer and shirt forever, always loved how they look together, the pale tea pink is in the shirt and in the lining of the jacket (a bit different) so i like to roll the sleeves up. This blazer/shirt combo is very elegant, too elegant maybe to bring the elegance down a notch it would look very good with creepers, but this time i decided to go for a more formal version of it with this vintage suede boots. Since i'm not a very colorful person everything else has to be black from the pants to the shoes to the accessories such as the backpack, the hat and the little choker detail. Hope you guys like this look.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Green velvet

Hi! This vintage green velvet blazer is one of my latest purchases, i love velvet is such a rich fabric, i love to keep looks simple and try to make the blazer the key of the look, added the ribbon (because i'm addicted you know) to accetuate the green of the blazer. I love to see this kind of dark velvet fabrics with gold so i added just a touch of gold to this look, you can see it in the sunglasses frame and on the little necklaces such as in the buttons of the blazer. I'm not using very dark lips lately, this time i'm wearing my dark burgundy lip pencil and i mixed it with a nude one to create a ombré effect darker in the lip line and getting lighter inside the lips. Hope you like this look :)