Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tweed suit

As you already know sometimes i like to take a pick at my mom's wardrobe to find some cool vintage pieces, and i always do. The latest one was this suit, i'm just obsessed with it! Love yellow lately so it's just the perfect timing to find it.
I decided to style it with a oversized tee, i always choose this one, well because is my favorite one, and the white really pops out in the outfit and with the trendy combo of fishnet socks + block heels. The shoes are from 4th & Reckless and you can find them here. The cute circle bag is from VIPme and you can find it here.
If i found this suit 2 to 3 years ago, i would style it with creepers or Dr. Martens, that's for sure!, and a buttoned white or black shirt and my hat (if you've been following mw since the beginning you know i would) and with fishnet tights instead of the socks.
Now i just feel a little more grown up for the preppy grungy style, but i still love so many items from back then, i just want to style them in different ways.
Hope you like this look.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Denim skirt

In blue for a change.
I'm so into denim skirts for this spring/summer season, they can be so laid back and casual, but with the right details they can also be very chic.
Here i'm styling a denim skirt in a casual/chic way, not to fancy and not to laid back, perfect for everyday life.
A shit just makes this skirt looks much more elegant and turns the laid back vibe a notch.
The boots bring some edginess to the look.
This skirt is from Romwe and you can find it here.
The shirt is one of my favorite shirts, is from SheIn and you can find it here.
Boots are from 4th & Reckless.
Watch is from The5th Watches.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Embroidered jeans

I'm in love with this embroidered jeans so much!
It's the perfect way to wear jeans but still be chic, as they are so detailed you can really go very simple with the top. My favorite way to style embroidered jeans are with plane white tops, here i'm wearing them with a turtle neck sweater as the weather is still a little cold, but i can't wait to wear them with a oversized white t-shirt or a simple white shirt.
This jeans are from Zaful and you can buy them here.
The  sweater, is my favorite basic sweater, and you can find it here.
The shoes are from Ego.
The leather jacket is from Leather Skin.
I'm also wearing a silver mesh watch from Lord Timepiecesyou can find it here. You can use my code: NIGHTS10 for 10% off all purchases  from, they just have the greatest women's watches and man's watches.

Black, grey and white.

Here is one of the reasons why i love sprig and fall so much. I can wear summer clothes mixed with winter clothes, chunky knits with light sheer fabrics, coats with sandals.
Well, spring doesn't love me back, that's for sure, my allergies are on fire right now, i sneeze around 100 times a day, bees are back, i know that they are so important for our planet, but i fuckin' hate them, i'm terrified of bees, they are my one true phobia, if i only had to places to be and in one of them is a bee and in the other, i don't know, Freddy Krueger, the girl from The Ring, the guy from Saw, and the monster from Stranger Things together i will go into the second place that's for sure, maybe i can talk them out of hurting me and into being cooler :D
Well phobia aside, spring really is great and beautiful, and i always feel happier during pretty days.
I've been very into cropped flare jeans, as you might noticed, and this ones are just sooo cool, very feminine and they look amazing with simple strappy sandals like this.
The jeans are from Rosegal and you can find them here.
The white top with lace details is from Romwe and you can find it here.
The cardigan is from VIPme and you can find it here.
The watch is from The5th and you can find it here, it has 2 straps a black one and this grey one, it's so versaile!
The shoes are from 4th & Reckless and you can buy them here.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


I just feel so chic in this jumpsuit!
I really love jumpsuits and how elegant they usually are, wide leg ones are my favorite as they tend to be more minimalistic and sophisticated. This one is just perfect! It's as sophisticated as a jumpsuit can be, i absolutely love the wide cropped leg, so trend right now and so cool if you want to show a little bit of shoes (what i want for sure as i'm such a shoe freak!). Black is my favorite color as you all must know, and the gold accents really pop out in the black. The cut and the gold details are my favorite thing about this jumpsuit, because they really make it so chic and very put together, i personally love the little circle, o-ring like, zipper, little details like this really can take a piece to another level.
As i love it just the way it is i decided to style it without adding any more color, just more black and more gold detail, to really accentuate the elegant vibe.
The jumpsuit is from VIPme and you can find i here.
I'm also wearing a VIPme bag, as almost all my bags are from VIPme, they just have the best ones and i never get tired of saying that :) You can find the bag i'm wearing here.
You can use the coupon code: Claudia526 at to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50
The bag also has gold detail, so it work amazing with all the rest.
Here i'm wearing the jumpsuit with an knit turtle neck sweater with flare sleeves, the sweater is from New Look and you can find it here. But the jumpsuit looks really cool just by himself, with nothing underneath but i have to wait for warmer days to wear it like that.
To finish the look i just add some accessories, my Rosefield watch and my gold bracelet from Minimalist Jewellery.

Hope you like this look.