Saturday, July 22, 2017

Feeling grey

All in grey.
Grey has to be one of my favorite colors, first of all because i'm bot a very colorful person, although i don't mind had some color to my wardrobe sometimes, you know i prefere neutral tones.
I really like to have cute tops, because they go with any pair of jeans and can make any outfit much more interesting than the basic ones (i love a good basic everything, but i really think that one outfit has to have a cute piece to work, to make it more interesting). 
This one is so beautiful, and i already wore it with this pair of dark grey cropped jeans, with blue Levi's 501 and i'am planning on wearing it with a pair of white wide leg trousers, or even a pair of white Levi's 501 (i'm dying to buy a pair of white 501) because i think it really can work with almost everything. It's so simple and chic, the little knot makes it so up today.
The top is from VIPshop and you can find it here. ou ca use my code: claudia680 for a discount at VIPshop.
The jeans i'm wearing are from NA-KD.
And to keep everything on the grey tone, i' wearing the cutest pair of grey velvet barely there sandals from 4th & Reckless that you can find here.
I'm also wearing my The5th grey watch.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Blue, red and gold

Do i wear the stripes + red combo too much?
If i do i don't regret it at all ;)
It's such a laid back casual combo that can also be very chic and that's so me.
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite blue and white stripped shirt, i have so many of them, but each and everyone of them are different and have cute little details that makes them unique. This one has this amazing ribbons on the sleeves, i absolutely love them because they completely change a simple shirt, turning it into a much more modern, trendy top, and it has a little o-ring detail on the back that i unfortunately complete forgot to take picture to :( will show you guys that in the future as i plan on wearing this a lot!
This top is from VIPshop and you can find it here, the bag as you must know is also from VIPshop, just because they have my favorite bags ever, and you can find it here.
To finish this shirt + jeans casual look i'm wearing a pair of rose gold mules, to bring some shine to the look, and honestly because thus mules are so so comfy and easy to walk in, and i just love the laziness os throwing my feet on a pair of mules and be ready in seconds.
This mules are from 4th & Reckless and you can find them here.
Hope you likes this post, i've been a little absent but i'm back at it and will post more frequently.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer breeze

Gingham has always been one of my favorite prints.
And black and white will always be my favorite combo!
So the first time i laid my eyes on this pats from Zara i got to grab them.
And how lovely do they look with this cute ruffled black top from Missy Empire? I love this combo!
You can find the Missy Empire top here.
To keep the ruffle trend on on this look i'm not only wearing a ruffled top but also ruffled shoes, and let me tell you that i'm obsessed with this pair of shoes! They are from 4th & Reckless and you can find them here.
I found this straw basket bag online and it's vintage, i was looking for the perfect one for a while now and i finally found it, love the color,  it's not to light and i think it's more interesting this way, and now i'm wearing it with everything, trying it out, with scarves, bandanas, you name it, i freaking love it.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


How i missed to style a fancy outfit like this!
My style tend to be much more causal this days,  but i just realized how i missed a elegant and chic outfit the moment i laid my eyes on this set from Chicwish.
It's the perfect outfit for a summer night party or dinner and i didn't had the chance to wear it yet, but will wear it soon on my boyfriend's birthday.
I absolutely love tops, with big knots, a simple detail that can make it much more chic,a md this skirt has the perfect cut, resulting in a beautiful sillouet.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Picnic style

I'm absolutely in love with the picnic trend, everywhere i look i see the fabrics, the prints and the baskets!
I absolutely adore it!
First of all i'm crazy about gingham, i can wear it every day in almost every color, but my favorite one has to be blue (it's almost a tie with black, but i think blue wins). And i gotta say that this is one hell of an amazing shirt!! Gingham + off shoulder + ruflles = perfection.
I love it and it looks amazing when paired with jeans, here i'm wearing it with my wide leg white trousers for a change, but i need to pair it with denim soon.
The shirt is from VIPme and you can find it here, don't forget to use my code: claudia680 for a $5 discount on your $50 purchase, you also have a $25 discount in your first purchase at VIPme and free shipping on orders over $69, so go grab one yourself.
I have this straw basket forever, just sitting on the house and now i took it for a spin, i absolutely love it, and will take it to the beach a lot. I'm loving this straw bag trend and i already found the perfect one to wear everyday, it's not this one, as this one is just a normal basket, but it's so cute i can't wait to show it to you guys!
Hope you like this summery post (picnics always have that summery vibe).

Monday, July 3, 2017

Off the shoulder knit

This is such a simple outfit and what i like the most is the simplicity about it.
But this is not the usual jeans + white tee look, this top is really delicate, and it makes all the difference it is so chic and makes the looks much more put together. I', actually so obsessed with it because it si simple and yet so chic.
The top is from VIPme and you can find it here. I can see myself wearing it with everything, i think it would look amazing with some cropped shorts and a pair of slipers or with my loose white pants in  a all white look or with some loose black pants too (i'm the the search for the perfect pair but haven't find them yet).
The round mini bag is also from VIPme that, as i told you lots of times, has the best bags.

When you're shopping at VIPme you can use my code: Claudia680 to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50, this coupon with expire in 2 month. 

The shoes are one of my new favorite pair, absolutely love the perspex part as it makes them even more barely there and i love barely there shoes, i also love the chunky heel and let me tell you that this are the comfiest shoes ever, the sole is so soft that i can walk on them all day everyday, just like i'm wearing sneakers.
The shoes are from Shuzee and you can find them here.
I really like just to grab a simple, vintage, distresses pair of jeans like this and put a look together that is not too casual but chic instead, simple, easy to wear and much more importante easy to put up in the morning and just go to work and feel comfy all day long.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeans and a tee

Jeans and a tee. So simple.
I really like to put up outfits like this, first of all because they are so simple to put together: jeans + a tee, and then because i can have fund with everything else, as i don't really love "too casual" outfits i always like to add some elegant details like the gold shoes here, a pair of gold point heels it's an essencial for any wardrobe, for so many reasons, you can wear them to turn the most casual looks to chic looks (like this one) and they are perfect for the party season, you can wear them to weddings, dinners out, during summer or even Christmas or New Eve's parties as they are still perfect to wear during winter. I wear them a lot lately, specially on the weekends.
The jeans and the tee are both from Levi's.
The red bag (i know i'm always wearing this red bag lately, what can i do? It's so beautiful) is from VIPme.
The shoes are from Public Desire.
And the shades are from Ray Ban.