Friday, February 5, 2016

o p e n | b a c k

If i had to name my favorite sweater from this winter this one has to be it! Absolutely love the shape with the massive open back, the material is amazing, really soft and really chunky and the color is one of my favorite too. I just secretly wish that this one came in black too :( This sweater is everything but boring, it stands out is is so feminine. I just add that thread on the back because i prefer to wear open backs without bra and without this braided thread that i add i was always afraid that the sweater might drop too much, i liked it better without the thread but this way is more safe to wear without showing too much.  
And as the sweater weather is back with the warmth of the weather in the begging of spring i'll be wearing this a lot!
Hope you like this post. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

b l a c k | l e a t h e r

All black forever <3
I love to wear all black outfits and just focus in the textures. i love how chunky knits work with leather, and actually i keep forgetting about this pants, but i love them so much. This is such a easy look to put together, yet it looks so chic and elegant. i wore this look to go to classes this week and i just changed the very high heeled ankle boots for a pair of adidas superstar in white, it looked really cool too, because all black outfits really make all white sneakers pop out, and the mix of textures and the little gold details on my bag and rings made the look very elegant even when i was wearing sneakers.
I can't get enough of this sweater is so comfy, warm and cute, i really love the very high neck and the wide sleeves, the sweater is from SheIn and you can find it here.
Hope you like this look :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

b l a c k | w h i t e | c h e c k

Finally have the time to post. The end of the semesters are always so overwhelming and exhausting :/
But i finally have the time to take some photos and to make some posts on the blog.
Loving this sweater to death really! I was trying to waiting for the perfect knit midi skirt to arrive to match it with this sweater but i couldn't, every time i saw it aging on my closet i just wanted to wear it so badly! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, it's warm without being too warm so it's perfect to wear during spring, plus the oversized shape it's amazing. It's from ChicWish and you can find it here, it comes in white too, the white one is also amazing.
Hope you like this look.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Suited up

A minimal elegant look that is so simple to put up, just a clean black blazer with a pair of tailored shorts (with trousers this would look really cool too), then just add you favorite accessories and high heeled shoes. I decided to show you guys two different styles of necklace, a black thick choker for a more minimal vibe and a statement necklace that really stands out in a all black outfit and that looks amazing with deep v necks.
The statement necklace is from Happiness Boutique and you can find it here, if you are looking for statement pieces of any kind they have an amazing collection. I would love to wear this one with a pair of black flared jeans and bondeau long top roo.
Hope you like this look.

Monday, January 18, 2016

w i n e - k n i t

Knit sets are the thing! Just love them. Although this is not an actual set, because both items are from different brands, the color and the fabric work very well together. And burgundy is one of my favorite colors ever, and sometimes i miss to wear burgundy lips all day every day so much, every time i wear burgundy clothes i have to use burgundy lips as well, just love to match everything in this color.
Outfits like this are so comfortable and so stylish at the same time, even when i don't want to wear hells, this stills looks amazing with sneakers.
The skirts from FrontRowShop and you can find it here. It's on sale, in an amazing price, and it also comes in black, and the black one is amazing too, i just loved this one so much, that i had to have the black one too :)
I'm using much less make up lately, since January 1st i'm almost not wearing makeup on my face at all, my skin was looking terrible and the uglier it looked the more makeup i needed and then the uglier the skin was turning every day, i have very sensitive and dry skin and no foundation at all, so now i'm only using very hidratante creams and lotions and also serums. For makeup on my daily basis i'm only using a little bit of blush to give me some color, mascara and i fill my eyebrows as usual, when i shoot some photos i only add just a little bit of bronzer to add the contouring effect and a bit of bronzer on my lids too.
The fact that i am extremely allergic to mu dogs and cat, doesn't help with my skin issues, and what is even worse is that they all sleep with me and my boyfriend every night, and the bed is always filled with allergies :(
But i just love to sleep with them so much, i can't have them away from me all night long!