Friday, July 22, 2016


A casual/chic look for those summer fresh days, because to all summer days are burning hot and a girl need a cute shirt to wear during windy or fresher days. This is the perfect top to wear in those occasions, because it's still fresh because of the off shoulder and the light cotton fabric, but it can still cover more skin that a sleeveless top. And know that the fall is (unfortunately) getting closer and closer (i'm already panicking) i needed a top that can be wore from early mornings, throw afternoons, 'till night, without being to cold or to hot in every part of the day and without having to carry a jacket around.
The off the shoulder shirt is from SheIn and you can find it here.
Pair it with a pair of black pants or a pair of jeans and you ready to go, and it also look incredibly cute with denim shorts underneath.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Denim and lace

Light denim and black lace are one of my favorite combinations, very 90's and a classic combo.
This two fabrics together can be very versatile and can really change with the accessories, so one can achieve lot's of different styles with only too pieces, because everything else makes the difference. If i was wearing this with a Chiffon floaty long coat and a pair of lace up heels the vibe of this look would be much more sweet and romantic, if i wore chunky or combat boots boots the look would be more rough and grunge. Here i'm somewhere in between rough + grunge and elegant and chic.
Hope you like this look.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Black flare

A perfect outfit to wear in the warm (not very fresh and not to hot) summer nights, i said this because the weather here in Portugal is SO HOT, that i can't wear pants during the day, but when this heat goes away it's a nice outfit to wear during the day too, but in this moment i can't concebe the ideia of wearing pants during the day :)
I really like minimal, simple and classic all black looks.
I was looking for a while for the perfect top to wear with this pants during summer, i wanted something simple but interesting and playful, i finally found it! This is one of the cutest tops i have mostly because of the draped open back with the loop detail. And the quality of it is amazing.
If you are a girl reading this, we know the struggle that it to put up a bra in the hotter days, it's so boring and for me is really a bother, so i like to fill my summer wardrobe with tops that't don't ask for a bra and i can be much more comfortable all day.
The pants are from SheIn and you can find them here, they are a must in every wardrobe.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

white, black and denim

Loving mules lately! They are so easy to wear and so trendy, this ones are from Modatoi and you can find them here. 
White shirts are a must in everyones closet, no matter whats your style, because they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, of course i have normal ones, but the ones that i really like lately and that i want to fill my closet with are the different, cutout, open back, one shoulder, drop shoulder ones, that are such a wide range of interesting and different white shirts out there and i want every single one of them! This shirt is from a brand that i love - Delphine the Label - if you like timeless, minimal, and cute pieces you have to check them out, everything is gorgeous! Find Delphine the Label here.
I could live with only a brand like Delphine the Label and a Thrift store where i can find interesting vintage findings, like jeans denim jackets or vintage bags to match with classic and timeless pieces.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Street chic

Every season, when fashion time arrives i always feel so inspired by the looks that i found online.
Always very artistic, mixes of casual with chic, of minimal with grunge, unexpected combinations of fabrics, styles, accessories and pieces of clothing. It's my favorite fashion time of the year, and sadly i never went to any fashion week.
I got so inspired with this year's fashion week street styles, that i decided to make my own interpretation of my favorites ones. Black and white was my choice (like it normally is) and i mixed not only different fabrics, but also different styles and vibes, from the chicest to the more casual possible.
Here i'm wearing a super chic, and one of my favorite skirts ever! So so so cute, so chic and elegant, is not the first time that i'm wearing it, last time i wore it with a draped open back black top and it looked so gorgeous, more elegant and put together, this skirt can easily be styled with a lot of different tops depending on how chic or casual you want to look. The skirt is from Chicwish and you can find it here.
To bring down the elegant vibe of the lace midi flare + heels combo i decided to wear a unisex tee, with black lettering, giving a completely different vibe to the look, making it much more casual and street, you can find all the Jesus Gets the Girl tees here. To emphasize that casualness i add a vintage bomber jacket in black.
And so this is my interpretation of the most recent fashion week looks, hope you like it :)