Monday, September 25, 2017

The tweed season

Hey guys, wanted to left you with a little wishlist of one of my favorite trends for this Autumn Winter season: Tweed!
I absolutely love tweed, its vintage feeling, the texture and the patters it creates.
SheIn has one of the best tweed blazers and coats here are some of my favorite. 

Absolutely love the length of this one, and the color it's perfect to match with pretty much everything, from denim, to black, to any color. Find this one here

This one would look amazing paired with jeans, a white tee and some sneakers. I think that this one is perfect for fall. 

Black and white tweed as to an essential for me. I love the distressed detailed in this jacket.

What about you? Are you diggin' tweed as much as i am right now?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Velvet, lace and denim

I really been missing blogging. I'm not finding the time later and that makes me very sad, as blogging is one of my favorite things to do, but life gets in the way so many times :(
Since i started working i almost can't take photos outside, because i only have a free day to share with my boyfriend and i don't want to use it all the times to take photos, i can only do it by myself on Saturdays and well i can't do it outside, and actually i didn't even found a beautiful place i the new city, so i prefere to take all the pics in. 
Since i only have Saturdays to shoot sometimes i have things to do and i end up not shooting on Saturdays as well and that sucks because i have to wait another entire week to shoot.
Well it been pretty complicated. Even when i find time to shoot, i don't find time to post, i took this photos maybe 3 weeks ago and i'm just posting them now, because this was the first time that i could do it.
This week i will try really hard to post so many outfits that i have on my camera and that i want to show you so much.
Here i'm wearing a casual outfits, i love to wear outfits like this during the weekend because it's so comfy but also kinda chic and put together.
The top is from Zaful and you can find it here.
The mules are from Missy Empire and you can find them here

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Beginning of fall

I'm move in to a new place. Since i started working a full time job, a bit far from our place, we decided to move to the city both of us (me and my boyfriend) are working in. 
Love the new apartment but the will miss profoundly the other place, love the apartment and the location, we were so happy for 5 years there and it felt like a home to us. Now it's time to make great memories in the new place.
As the grey marble wall were i used to take all my photos in is right next to the other apartment i wont take my pics there anymore, so i think i will start to take the majority of my photos in, as i couldn't find a place that i love out. Will miss "my" wall a lot!
When it comes to my outfit, i am kind of obsessed about this pants, i have them for over a year i think, but they didn't fit me before, now i lost a little bit of weight and although they are pretty hard to come up on the hip area, they fit me perfectly once they do. They are from NA-KD. One thing i love about them is that i can wear them with flats, all my other loose leg trousers are too long and i can only wear them with high heels, this way i can be so comfortable, with loose pants and flat mules.
The mules are from Missy Empire.
To keep the look trendy i'm wearing one of my favorite prints, a black and white gingham, cutout shoulder top, the top is from Sammy Dress and you can find it here.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Last beach day

This was probably this year's last day on the beach :(
I've been completely obsessed about red bikinis and wore this one a lot this year, it's from SammyDress and you can find it here.
And this set is the absolute perfect set to take to the beach, so fresh, so comfy and so cute!
It's from Romwe and you can find it here. And what better to take everything i need to the beach and to go with this cute striped set? A straw bag! Been loving them with any kind of outfits from summery ones to big, chunky winter coats, this one is from Rosegal and you can find it here

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I can say for sure that this as been my favorite summer dress!
It was love at first sight, firs of all because i've been really into yellow, and then because it has that picnic vibe that i'm loving, and it is so feminine and sweet.
I used to wear dresses all the time, and then i just got tired of them, but this one made me fell in love with dresses all over again. It's from ChicWish and it also comes in midi, don't know which one is more beautiful, i'm so happy with this one, but the midi is also amazing. You can find the one i'm wearing here.
And to complete the whole picnic vibe what's better than a straw basket? This one is vintage.
I really love how the yellow looks with the brown, and this lave up kitten heel sandals from In The Style go so well with it, you can find them here

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Navy and burgundy

My shoulders have been out all summer!
I absolutely love this navy gingham top, it looks amazing with jeans and i can take it to the beach as a dress too.
I just love how it looks paired with this kitten heels, granny like, shoes, so laid back, and yet so chic and also kinda retro.
The top is from In The Style and you can find it here.
The shoes are from Zara's new collection.
I could wear outfits like this forever.

Friday, August 11, 2017

One shoulder

I know i've been a little too obsessed with blue stripes!
But there are so many beautiful tops out there, lots os different styles, shapes and cuts, and i think i almost have them all ;)
I just can't get enough of blue stripes paired with jeans.
And isn't this top so gorgeous? t's from ChicWish and you can find it here. It can be so chic when paired with heels, i wore it with a dark wash pair of jeans + rose gold sandals on my boyfriend's birthday dinner, and i honestly can't wait to wear if with flat mules for a more casual vibe.
Are you as much into blue stripes as i am?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Suede for summer

Love this top so much!
How cute is it? It screams summer, and i absolutely love the bow detail, me and bows, always choose tops with some kind of bow, knot or ribbon, i just think it looks so vintage.
This one is one of my favorite, so cute and girly, and so versatile, it's perfect to take to the beach but it also looks amazing in everyday life outfits, like this or even in chicer ones, i think it would love gorgeous with wide leg trousers and some cute heels.
The top is from Romwe and you can find it here.
If you're following me from the beginning of my blog, ou guys know that i always loved to wear boots during summer, before i didn't even bought sandals, i just didn't like them, and i used to wear boots in all the season, including summer. Lately i've been much more versatile and fell in love pretty hard for sandals to be honest, but boots are still one of my favorite things in the world. If i had to choose my favorite things to wear, i would say boots and coats, it has always been like that.
This one are pretty amazing, they are so versatile, if you're into that cali girl vibe this are perfect, if you like simple and good shoes this are perfect as well. Well they are pretty amazing no matter what style you like! They are from Dropp and you can buy them at Prof, or buy them online here.