Tuesday, July 30, 2013

White over black

Hi! I have this crochet dress for years it was actually boring just a simple crochet dress with a white lining but i cut the liner to be possible to see through the fabric them i would be able to be creative with the clothes underneath so now i can wear it with a skirt and a very tiny top like i have done here or with some shorts and a cute bra or even with a simple dress in any colour i find it much more appealing right now. The outfit is very chic so i mixed it with a plaid shirt making the all outfit look more casual and different, the spike choker helps it to looking less neat. I still haven't wear this outfit but i'm thinking maybe for good friend of mine birthday dinner party in August. Hope you like it.

I never apologized for my mistakes when i write in english well i just had english in middle and high school and i was actually kinda disinterested in school :D i missed classes a lot to hang out with my friends, i shouldn't, i know :) but now i'm much more applied in school, so all english i know i have learned it in movies and tv series. So any error be free to correct me.


  1. Awww, this is so beautiful, honey ^__^

    Many kisses,



  2. Love the crochet dress, it looks gorgeous with the boots and your dark lipstick. The contrast is stunning!